Wax figure of Edward Mordrake

Edward Mordrake, AKA "Poor Edward," is the name of a man who allegedly had another face on the back of his head. His case is disputed, and it is now thought that he did not exist.

Mordrake was apparently the 19th century heir to an English peerage, and also had a second face on the back of his head. It was never proven that the second face could talk but it could laugh and cry. Edward claimed it would laugh when he cried and it would cry when he laughed. According to Edward, the head was evil. He said that it would whisper evil things to him at night. For this reason he desperately wanted it removed but no doctor would accept the surgery. He killed himself at age 23. It is unclear whether he poisoned himself or shot himself between the eyes of the second head.

Authenticity Edit

Edward Mordrake's case is highly disputed, and it is unlikely he even existed. The only known record of him is in a 1895 newspaper describing his case as well as those of other 'freaks'- Vague tales of people with near impossible conditions. The article itself was never meant to be treated as nonfiction at the time, as it was common for newspapers to use unlikely stories for publicity.

Saying this is the only reference to Mordrake, it is extremely likely that he did not exist to begin with. However, his story caught the interest of many, and to this day he is still viewed as real by some.

Possible Diagnosis Edit

If Mordrake was indeed real, it is likely that he suffered from diprosopus (the duplication of the face, although no human with the condition was known to have survived past infancy).

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