Pasqual pinon

Pasqual Piñon (1889-1929) from Mexico, had a strange growth on his head, which he disguised as a second head, and went on touring with Sells-Floto circus in 1917. The growth wasn't actually a head of any sort, but more like a cyst or a tumor. If it really had been a head, it would have faced upside-down. This is a real disorder, called the carniopagus parasiticus.


He was born in Mexico in 1889 to a family of 7. His family was forced to move to Texas after losing his farm. He started out working as a railroad worker, until a sideshow promoter found out about him. Pasqual then begun making money out of an unusual lump on his forehead. He had a silver plate molded into the likeness of a human face surgically implanted under the skin on his tumor. This made a striking appearance of a real face. Since much about him was fake, he had many tough questions to answer. He explained, that the face was once mobile, but stopped at the age of 20 after having a stroke. He's career as a sideshow performer only lasted about 2 years, but during that time, his popularity never came down. It was only until he started having dementia after a tour in Detroit. Doctors found out, that the silver plate was compressing his brains, and it had to be removed. His manager agreed to pay for the operation, and Pasqual returned to railroad working.

1925,Successfully Pasqual had his normal head and lived a very happy life until sadly died in 1929 at age of 40.

But he was one of the first people to have a head surgery and he was back to normal at occupation duty :)


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